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This is my portal to the Biometics™
line of nutritional products.

These products are helping people change their
lives, physically as well as financially.




My Home Site

LeeAnn Smith P.D.M.T.

Whether you JOIN my Biometics™ group, TRY these products at retail, or just VISIT my Biometics™ replicated web site.
Remember my Biometics™ ID is 41123

Advantage of Joining Advantage of Joining

When Joining as a Preferred Customer costs $10 a year and you get a 15% discount on the products you purchase. You can always upgrade to a distributorship.

Simply Purchasing a Distributor Kit enables you to begin buying products at a 20% discount.

Several programs, are being offered, which provide a beginning discount of 15% to 25% on future orders. If we have discussed what you want to accomplish by using nutritional products, you will have a better idea of which products, as well as which program, is right for you.

Purchasing a distributorship enables us to share these amazing products with others. When we do that, like any business, our volume goes up. When our volume hits $600 we are rewarded with an additional 5% discount. When we meet some basic requirements and our bonus volume exceeds $1,200, we quilify for an additional 10% discount bringing our discount to 40%.

Another great thing about Biometics™ is that, as long as we pay our yearly administration fee, we never lose the highest discount or rank we have qualified for. That alone makes the Biometics business compensation plan very different from many MLM companies.

Naturally, since you are using these products and have a distributorship, you also have the ability to retail the products or sponsor people. When we retail products, we earn profits and when we sponsor people who buy products, we earn commissions.

Advantage of Retail Advantage of Retail

As a customer "Trying" the products at the retail price gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try the products and get to know that I am actually a real person. You may need my Biometics™ ID, 41123.

Most importantly, you get to discover some of the things that Biometics™ can do for you. Then you will begin asking yourself "why am I paying full price when I can buy at a discount?"

Visit Visit

When you Visit my Biometics™ replicated web site and read about the 13 products we have. Just think about it, Biometics™ only has 13 products that do so much for so many people, and I don't know anyone who uses all 13 products.

Contact Information Contact Information

As always, if you have any questions, call or email me.
Thank you for visiting.
Remember, you may need my ID # 41123
LeeAnn Smith P.D.M.T.
Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapist
National Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

People in my group . . . People in my group . . .

What many people may not understand is that my success with Biometics™ is brought about by people in my group being successful.

Betsie Roy has been using Biometics™ for sever years and has chosen to embrace the marketing side of Biometics™. Betsie, like many of use who have experienced profound results with these products simply have to tell people. Visit Betsies page and read her STORY. Betsie also has a Biometics™ replicated website.

LeeAnn Smith's web site development began in 2004,
by webnovice, Ken Vetter
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